Tax calculations can be challenging and time consuming

Especially when you need to do frequent reporting for business planning purposes. My Tax Companion (MTC) is an automation software made for businesses to generate your own tax computation at any time throughout the year.

Let MTC do the work for you!

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Features of MTC

  • Includes ledgers and calculations necessary to do tax computations
  • Automatically generate the set of schedules you need that can be sent to IRAS
  • Automatically import information through Trial Balance
  • Extensive Fixed Assets Ledger
  • Automatic calculation of Depreciation, ROU Assets, Finance Lease, Capital Allowances, etc
  • Low-value assets (S19A (10A)) automatically optimised to maximise the $30,000 allowance
  • Shows claimable deduction remaining for Renovations (S14N) to maximise the claim for S14N deductions
  • Automatic calculation of Medical Expenses restrictions
  • Generate tax computation with just one click
  • Roll forward information to a new financial year/peripd

Focus on what truly matters in your business

  • Consolidate your financial information easily
  • Determine your company’s yearly, quarterly and monthly tax
  • Automatically generate your tax at any time
  • Carry out appropriate financial planning for your business